We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our loyal clients and work hard to do everything possible to provide value beyond simply managing their property tax process.  Here is a sample of what they have to say about our work.

"Williams Property Tax Advisors represented our firm on tax protests and achieved an average reduction of 25% annually over four years.  During two of those years their efforts resulted in an appeal being filed (to District Court) and we received a refund check of almost $100,000."

- Mark Plaumann, Austin Leasehold Investors, LLC

"Do to the efforts and expertise of Williams Property Tax Advisors our company has had a reduction in our assessment which resulted in over $50,000 in tax savings."

- CFO, Financial Services Company

"Since 2004 Williams Property Tax Advisors has consistently achieved reductions of over 20% annually on our portfolio that includes real property as well as personal property throughout the United States."

- John A. Fields, EVP, CCO, Encore Bank

"Williams Property Tax Advisors was able to reduce our assessed value by over $7,000,000 which created a property tax savings of $150,000..."

- Andrew Hamaker, CPA, Strictly Pediatrics

"Through their tireless efforts Williams Property Tax Advisors was able to reduce and minimize our property tax liability significantly.  By not taking no for an answer and tenaciously pursuing our case, our company saved a considerable amount of money and time."

- Victoria Strachan, Foroni Metals of Texas, Inc.

"After reviewing our personal property account it seemed that achieving an assessment reduction would be impossible...  We were shocked and pleased when Williams Property Tax Advisors informed us that they were able to negotiate a reduction in excess of 15%, resulting in a tax savings of over $70,000 on that account."

- Dennis Tanaka, Accounting Manager, Lone Star Infrastructure